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This is a blog for my story of a group of people living on an island off the coast of Maine called Chute D'Eau Pointe

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    March 22nd, 2012 09:35 AM

    "That milk expired," Kyle said pointing at his older brother standing near the fridge as he drank the last of the milk from the carton.

    Josh lowered the jug and spit it out quickly. He was already having the Mondays and it wasn’t even eight yet. He wiped his mouth before walking over to the sink. He dumped out of the rest of the milk and tossed the carton into the sink. He rested his hands on the outer rim of the sink staring out the window. That feeling of being off was coming over him again and he was pretty sure it wasn’t just the Mondays. He’d been feeling this way for weeks. Like his world’s axis was off more than usual.

    He shook his head before walking over to the kitchen table and sat down across from his younger brother.

    "Does anything feel weird to you today?" Josh asked, crossing his arms on the table. Kyle looked up from the paper and shrugged.

    "No, but then again I didn’t just drink old milk," Kyle said with a smirk. Josh glanced back towards the fridge figuring he should get something to eat. He had a meeting with a client in an hour or so and he still needed to shower. 

    "It’s the milk. It’s everything," Josh explained, "I feel like everything’s just wrong. Like this isn’t how it’s supposed to be." Kyle put down his paper, folding his hands over it.

    "First of all, you need to stop watching Once Upon A Time…" Kyle started.

    "I don’t watch that show," Josh lied defensively.

    "Right and second how can anything be off? You’re dating someone who should be a model and for some reason she sees past all of this," Kyle said moving his hand in a circular direction mimicking Josh’s body, "so no I don’t think anything’s off. Go eat some waffles or pizza and realize your world is pretty damn good."

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